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Citrus Haze Oz

Citrus Haze Oz offers a vibrant and invigorating cannabis experience for enthusiasts seeking upliftment and creativity. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain features a notable 25% THC content, ensuring a potent high. A product of citrusy strains blended with Haze genetics, it presents a delightful bouquet of aromas, including zesty citrus, sweet fruit, and undertones of earthy spice. Each ounce contains a mix of dense, resinous buds showcasing hues of green and orange, delivering a smooth and flavorful smoke. Citrus Haze Oz initiates with an energizing cerebral buzz, uplifting the mood and enhancing focus and creativity. It gradually unfolds into a gentle body relaxation, allowing users to maintain productivity while enjoying a sense of tranquility. Perfect for daytime use or social gatherings